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about us

Welcome to active kids kindergarten!

We heartedly invite children aged 2.5 to 5 years to have fun , learn, explore the world , develop their interests , explore their capabilities , and form friendships that will last a lifetime.

Fascinated by the magic of a child’s imagination , by the unlimited possibilities of acquiring knowledge children have, and great enthusiasm and willingness to learn as well as understand the world around us we created a kindergarten of our dreams that will enrich the dreams and imagination of your children, this is a place truly as wondrous as a magical emporium .

At Active Kids , we focus on education through comprehensive activities . Children learn best when exploring the world with their senses , so we stimulate them appropriately to guide them the right path . You kids look , listen , smell , touch and taste the world around them . Their senses will serve as a guide through the world which will only become more fascinating for them as they proceed on their journey at our kindergarten , for we strive to awaken curiosity , the joy of learning and experimentation in a natural way. We develop and find capabilities , and support different types of talents to make a child not different but more themselves than ever before, stronger, happier, and always fascinated by the world that surrounds them.

At Active Kids we teach proper eating habits and how to lead a healthy lifestyle, for we strongly emphasize the role of proper nutrition . We encourage our children to consume healthy products , large amounts of vegetables and fruits , and to keep this healthy lifestyle and healthy outlook on diet for years to come. We create conditions for the proper development of an active and healthy lifestyle through creative activities , systematic corrective gymnastics classes , games ,as well as sports competitions .

Active Kids is a preschool that is focused on the advanced education of the English language . We teach children English in the same manner in which learned their mother tongue. Daily contact through games and communication with a native speaker naturally enables the children at our kindergarten to automatically and spontaneously acquire the proper skills to communicate in a new language .

We sincerely invite all active kids in the making to our exceptional kindergarten!

Agnieszka Maj-Kleszowska

Anna Firka-Rokicka

“Fun is education, and education is fun.

The more fun-the more education.”

Glenn Doman