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what active kids offers

We implement a curriculum that has been approved by the Ministry of education

Staff which is fluent in English language

Daily activities and classes with native speakers (a native speaker is with us throughout the day)

Full support from a psychologist and a speech therapist

Colorful classrooms

A wide range of activities included in the whole tuition process (all in English)

Promoting and teaching healthy and active lifestyle

    hocki Hockey blocks

    Hockey blocks are classes in which children recreate the structures and forms built by the teacher. The main idea behind these classes is to have the children practice using , as well as further develop, their visual motor coordination, sense of direction, and visual memory skills. During the workshop the children undergo thematic individual or joint projects that teach them planning, strategic thinking, and teamwork while also learning the importance of teamwork.

    granienadywanie Games on the Carpet

    During these activities the children will both play all different sorts of board games and make games themselves. Board games foster the development of creative thinking, memory, speech skills, teach how to build sentences, and encourage imagination to flow . The children will learn strategic planning, perception, and reasoning skills. Through games children learn to cope with emotions associated with failure and victory, and how to bear the consequences of their decisions.

    gimnastyka General-and Corrective Gymnastics

    General-and Corrective Gymnastics is an essential element in supporting the normal development of a young body. Proper physical education and preventive care prevents bad posture by correcting unhealthy habits and by strengthening weak muscles.

    zajecialogopedyczne Speech therapy

    The aims of speech therapy are:

    - To Improve speech

    - To diagnose at an early stage any possible physiological or articulate irregularities , issues concerning the breathing apparatus, speech defect s ,and problems in linguistic communication

    - To Prepare children to learn to read

    During the course the children will:

    - Learn how to properly track their respirations

    - Strengthen the mouth and cheek muscles

    - Learn to control motor-visual coordination

    - Attain a heightened awareness of their own bodies

    malyodkrywca Little scientist

    These classes are a fascinating journey through the ponderous world of science. We teach observation and we stimulate curiosity in children, we give children the desire to explore the world and experiment . We encourage kids to hypothesize , draw conclusions, and seek solutions. Preschoolers learn to interact with the environment by: combining , measuring, mixing, weighing, and sorting certain materials and liquids to create kid friendly chemical reactions, all in an atmosphere full of joy and creativity.

    zywioly Four Elements

    This is a series of classes devoted to water, earth, fire, and air with the aim to answer children’s questions and to teach them new factual information about these four elements of nature. During these classes children will discover and explore the secrets of the fascinating world of nature. Through play, experimentation, and various forms of artistic and technological presentation they will learn more than ever before about the nature of the world around us.

    muzyczneinspiracje Musical inspirations

    Is fun class that focuses on interpreting, playing ,and understanding classical music. Through movement, gesture, and various forms of art projects the children will learn to show what they hear, feel and see.. their eyes are a window to their imagination, and with this class this imagination will be shared with others.

    littlecheerleaders Little cheerleaders

    Giddy, spontaneous ,and organized fun with pompoms. Children will learn different routines, steps, and how to prepare for performances using this fun style of dance with pompoms. During the course the children will develop and improve visual motor coordination, physical fitness, and attain a better understanding of their own anatomy.

    kolkoplastyczne Art Lessons

    We at active kids believe that you can always make something out of nothing. A child’s imagination has no limits, and knowing that we use it that knowledge to encourage kids to express themselves in various ways. We provide children with a wide a variety of materials and forms of art so that they can create, create, and create ….

    malyogrodnik Little Gardeners

    In our school garden our kids will learn to cultivate various plants. The children will enjoy planting their own flowers, vegetables, and fruits. They will be able to observe how these plants grow and will learn to care for them by watering them, giving them proper sunlight, giving them the right plant food, and etc. They will also be able to enjoy eating what they cultivate in their sandwiches.


    7:00-8:00 We welcome the children to the kindergarten for physical play, work ,and individual activities or in play groups.

    8:45-9:15 Breakfast.

    9:15-11:30 Educational classes and teaching conducted based off monthly plans we have developed on the basis of our curriculum.

    11:30-12:00 Lunch.

    12:00-13:00 A stroll, outdoor games, activities, movement exercises, art, music.

    13:00-13:30 Dinner.

    13:30-14:30 Activities focusing on independent needs of children, reading fairy tales, relaxing music, and individual / group classes.

    14:30-15:30 Theme Activities; teaching movement classes.

    15:30-16:00 Supper.

    16:00-17:00 Fun thematic activities in groups in the main activity room or out in the open air.

    17:00-18:00 Free expression playtime.

    Throughout the day, children will have access to seasonal fruits.

    Hours of Operation:

    The kindergarten is open all year, Monday through Friday. 7.00 – 18.00.

    The number of groups:

    In order to provide the highest quality of care and to cater to the individual needs of all the children in attendance by all of our educators, we teach children in small groups,-maximum up to 15 children per group.


    The kindergarten period is a time of rapid growth for children , therefore, balanced and adequately prepared meals are of paramount importance. Meals at our kindergarten are prepares by a certified catering company.

    We provide children meals containing the highest nutritional value to give them the energy they need to learn and play. We provide a variety of high standard nutritional dishes, that are both delicious and prepared in hygiene conditions.

    We take into account individual nutritional needs of all our children which are recommended by experts.

    Learning English by immersion

    Learning is most effective when it is fun, and we are the experts of fun education. We at active kids have created an environment in which children can easily and naturally master proper and advanced communication skills in the English language. The method we use is the direct learning method, which basically is total immersion in the English language. The second the kids walk through our doors they are taken on a trip to an English speaking world. Every day is a fun and new adventure which educates them. English will accompany the children at active kids like an English speaking tour guide throughout their regular daily whether they are eating, playing, or going to the bathroom English will be there. This way, English is acquired unconsciously, as is done in the case of a child learning their mother tongue.

    For children who are expatriates we offer a special and advanced curriculum in the English language, which meets international standards. This curriculum covers the subjects of math, English, social studies, geography , and sciences at a level suitable for children who are native speakers of English or at an advanced level of English.

    The Glenn Doman Reading Method

    According to G. Doman “learning to read is as easy as learning to talk, and maybe even easier, because vision develops earlier than the ability to speak.”

    In class the children are placed in an interesting, fun, and relaxed environment filled with written words which makes learning word comprehension easy, with faster results.

    This method plays an important role in stimulating the development children. Information from visual and auditory pathways streamline their operations, influencing both halves of the brain. This method develops and perfects visual perception, develops a system of concepts, raises the level of knowledge and intelligence in children, and most importantly instills a sense of pride in children that they can read( regardless the fact that they lack a proper knowledge of letters).

    Speech Exercises according to Hanna Tymichowa

    Before learning to write, it is necessary to improve motor skills

    in terms of speed, precision, kinetic melody of movement, coordination of movements of the body, and to develop proper hand-eye coordination. Through various forms and levels of difficulty children play with a dash, line, pattern, tracing, copying, shading, and calculating by mapping. The Hanna Tymichowa speech exercises develop all of the above in a stress-free way that is interesting for children.

    The Good Start Method according to professor Marta Bogdanowicz

    The Good Start method is an excellent way for developing the language functions of perceptive, visual, auditory, tactile, kinesthetic, and motor skills. We practice using a scheme that orientates a child’s own body with large and small motor skills, perception and memory with auditory function , coordination, and perceptual – motor functions. By combining different kinds of activities we challenge the brains of our children ,so that both halves work at the same time which creates a perfect situation for reading and writing preparation, these activities include: singing, touching, listening, drawing, writing, performing ,relaxation exercises, and movement exercises.

    Method E. Gruszczyk – Kolczyńska

    Through experience we know that the best way to shape a child’s mathematical skills and to ensure that they grasp the concept of mathematics, is through movement. In a fun way we practice this skill by allowing a child to uses the space we provide and teach mathematics using rhythm in dance, measuring liquids, measuring space (their toys and everything that surrounds them), we teach them to weigh things ,add and subtract through games and activities. We make math a pleasure to learn here.

    The method of physical stories

    In this method the teacher tells a fairy tale and includes the child in the story, through games and activities the teacher leads the children on to allow themselves to interpret the events that are unfolding in front of them. This method uses exercises that engage the imaginations of children and get all the major muscle groups and organs working by mixing emotions with physical activity. The kids will be running, jumping, throwing, pushing, crawling through their favorite fairytales, it’s almost as if they will be rewriting them ….